☀ Welcome to Dixon Estates ™ ☀ by- BettyBoop Parx - Founder

The Support Team:

Chief Operating Officer: Natissa Daines

Chief Financial Officer: Emilie Vanilla

Office SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dixon%20Estates/96/104/1000

Landbook: https://tinyurl.com/DixonEstatesLands


(some sims might have their own restrictions. Refer to them)

You do not need a Linden Labs 'Premium Account' to own land in our estate. 
Your land with us will not count towards tier with Linden Lab or any other estates.
-> When buying land, you agree to our Terms Of Services and our rules. <-

    * No harassment or stalking of any kind.
    * No weapon fires of ANY kind.
    * No annoying sound loops.
    * No Region crashing objects or scripts, including physics toys.
    * No Scripts or collections of scripts that unfairly use the region.
    * Skybox height limit is above 500 m. Skybox dimension should not exceed the land’s size.

Builds must fit the parcel boundaries or they might be returned.
    * Fences and walls are allowed, must not be erected in a way which interferes with another resident or their home.

Please keep them nice ;)
    * Objects belonging to you are to remain within your parcel at all times. 
       (no overlaps)
    * No disruptive flashing, spinning or particle using builds.
    * We reserve the right to return objects IMMEDIATELY if they have a strong negative impact

in the region which includes but is not limited to: huge privacy screens, eyesore builds and out of bounds objects, etc.
    * Keep the view Beautiful for the neighboors.
    * Please keep in mind that all tenants utilize part of the sim resources so please be considerate in using scripted items.

If the sim is experiencing lag, objects with more than .5 ms script time are subject to return.

    * You may shape land as you please, but any terraforming near the parcel boundary must not affect the neighboring parcel or protected land.  If the neighboor land is affected, Management team might come and undo to "fix" the limit of your land.

    * To prevent lag as much as possible, pets are allowed if set as "static" 
       (no movement / no animation)
    * Only 1 to 4 as "Household / Family pet" can move.
       The reason is animals who walks causes collisions and this create lag on sim.

(Only 1 per sim) Always contact Management team listed above for approval.
Clubs are allowed only with the agreement of a Dixon Director and within 8 192 sqm plots or larger AND

have to respect the "maximum numbers of avatars on a parcel" limit.


Full sim MAX is 100 avatars. Your land cannot hold 100 avatars at the same time. 
Maximum allowed at the same time depend on the size of your land. to calculate this, you have to apply rule of the 3.  
(100 avatars X your land size Divided by 65536 = # avatars allowed)

Whole sim = Max 100 avatars
32 768 sqm = MAX is 50 avatars | 16384 sqm = MAX is 25 avatars
8192 sqm = MAX is 13 avatars | 4096 sqm = MAX is 6 avatars
2048 sqm = MAX is 3 avatars | 1024 sqm = MAX is 2 avatars


    * There shall be no overdue allowed for Full Region tenants.
    * Land sales include 1st week of rent (7 days included with purchase)
    * If your rental is overdue over than 48 hours, the land shall be retrieved and your belongings shall be returned. 
       -->If we reclaimed your land, the overdue fee shall be deducted from the new tier. 
    * Payments are non-refundable but transferable within our Estates.  
    * Prices are subject to change without notice.

⚠⚠ If you have a problem paying the ATM Terminal, please contact management immediately. ⚠⚠

☞ Sub-Renting ☜
    * Sub-Renting land is allowed. If you buy land from someone other than DixonEstates Enchantment, that means you are a sub-tenant of another resident. This person whose land you bought must keep a balance paid with us. If they have an outstanding balance with us, we'll claim it even if you've paid your share. For any question or problem concerning your land. , you will need to contact the person you are renting from.

☞ Bot Policy ☜
    * We do not allow any kind of bot usage in our estate without prior approval.

☞ LIABILITY ☜  PLEASE: Read this following section very carefully.
    * We will not be responsible or liable if an officer, another owner or a partner in your group sells your land without your permission.

Please be very careful when allowing officers or partners permission over your land.
    * We cannot be held responsible for lost content due to the unpredictable nature of Second Life.

All reasonable efforts to correct region-wide issues with Linden Lab will be made, however.
    * We do not buy land back from our residents although you may transfer or sell it to another resident. (NO REFUND)
    * We reserve the right to develop the region as we see fit to meet current trend and demand.

Proper relocation process will be offered to affected tenants.
    * Failure to comply with the covenant / cooperate with the Management team will void your rent contract.

▷ We provide a unique multi-languages service.
▷ We are always available for any help required.
▷ We provide low-lag lands on high-quality servers
▷ We offer the best possible fees.
▷ We emphasis on our tenants' privacy & security to ensure them the best possible experience.


▷ We try our best to provide support 24/7.
▷ For any further information, please contact any of our Management team member listed above.
▷ You can leave a detailled notecard including your name into the Customer Help Mailbox
▷ Support Ticket: https://dixonestates.supportsystem.com


            °͜°  We hope you enjoy your new land and stay among us!  °͜°